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Food Experience Sorrento

Food Experience – half day private tour from Sorrento

Duration: 4 hours

Aivailable: All year around

The gastronomic tour of your dreams is possible in Sorrento with LisPrivateTours. You private driver will ease your food experience through a journey of the first-rate Sorrentine Peninsula food delicacies. You will have the chance to taste the authentic mozzarella cheese as well as get your hands dirty and learn about its traditional hand-made process. Your local driver will guide you through a memorable journey of the finest Olive Oil local production, a tasting experience your palate will always remember. Last but not least, you will have the opportunity to taste Limoncello, the juice of our land, while walking around vast lemon tree fields learning about their properties and history. Don’t miss an experience dedicated to our culinary tradition.

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    • Food lovers
    • Family
    • Couple

    Mozzarella show

    Oil olive tasting

    Limoncello tasting

    Mozzarella show in Sorrento

    The production of fresh cheeses, in particular mozzarella, is the flagship of the Sorrento peninsula. There are several small family-run companies which, thanks to a high quality fresh milk, produce mozzarella but also ricotta, butter, provolone, still with artisan methods, handed down from generation to generation. It is precisely thanks to the variety of herbs that grow on the hills that the cows eat and which transfers unique flavors and aromas to the milk. Nowadays the quality of the final product is internationally recognized through brands such as the DOP. In addition to mozzarella, famous and noteworthy is the provolone del Monaco which is a mature cheese widely used in local haute cuisine

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    Provolone del monaco - mozzerella tour

    Olive oil tasting

    Among the basic elements of the Mediterranean diet, olive oil has been an essential nourishment since the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans. In a tasting experience of local excellence, one cannot certainly miss visiting an oil mill, where the raw material which is the olive is transformed into extra virgin olive oil which is the maximum expression of the tree fruit. Here you will be shown all the processing stages from receiving the product to the final tasting on a delicious bruschetta.

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    Olive oil tasting

    Limoncello tasting

    Lemon is a citric fruit which, thanks to the mild climate and fertile soil of our area, grows in abundance and is a very important raw material in our gastronomic tradition. Famous all over the world for its shape, color and heady scent, the lemon is used in the kitchen for both sweet and savory preparations. One of the many uses of lemon is the extraction, through infusion in alcohol, of its unmistakable aroma: Limoncello. You will walk in the shade of a lemon grove and you will appreciate its scents and colours. You will be shown how this liqueur is made and you will end the day sipping it on a terrace while the sun dives into the splendid waters of the Gulf of Naples.

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    What's Included

    • Limoncello tasting
    • Mozzarella show
    • Olive oil tasting
    • Mercedes Air-conditioned vehicle
    • English/Portuguese speaking driver
    • Fuel & Tax

    Notes & advice

    • The Itinerary is totally flexible and can be changed to your requirements.

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